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Why the Academy of Web Design Training Course is Better

David Lieberman founded the Academy of Web Design in 2000 because he thought web design could be taught more effectively. Most web design classes teach little more than software operation, what button does what, and what HTML code does what. We show you how to be a successful web designer even if you're just building a web site for yourself.

If you want to effectively build professional web pages, you'll have to be familiar with web usability issues, psychological design issues, and the correct way to match your users' emotional desires. Of course, you'll also need to know how to market a web site so it makes money!

The Academy of Web Design also offers your very own web design trainer who you can email when you have questions, need project feedback, or a little extra help.

We're extremely dedicated to making sure that you have the right instruction to allow you to succeed, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


What You Get with the Web Design Training

When you sign up for the Academy of Web Design DVD video based web design course course, you'll receive:

•  Video based web design training course on DVD ROM in all of these topics. You watch and listen on your computer, and pause to follow along.

•  Sample Software so you can learn without buying.

•  Over 600 pages of printable web design courseware for easy reference. An online searchable section of the courseware is also available.

•  Suggested "homework" assignments that give you real world experience in applying the skills you just learned, so they stick.

•  Sample web design projects to work on during different stages of your education

•  The official the Academy of Web Design "Web Designer Certificate" (requires completion of 2 of the 3 sample projects)

•  email support for when you have questions


How our Web Design Training Works

You will receive new web design course "sessions" on DVD ROM disks through the mail, including printable material, suggested homework, and support materials. Each web design course session should take you a couple of hours to complete. The sessions include suggested homework assignments, which can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. You can follow your own pace or use our schedule to give structure to your learning.

The web design course videos are designed to allow you to follow along while you learn. You'll be instructed to pause the video and try out your new skills as you go along. Practice builds retention and understanding, so we think that this is a very important part of our session.


Benefits of Taking a Web Design Course on Your Computer

Save Money
These days, saving money is important, but so is learning effectively. That's why the Academy of Web Design has developed a special program to make sure that your video based web design course is just as effective as in-person classes.

Learn at your own pace or use our structured program
The Academy of Web Design's video based web design course allows you to learn when you have the time. Of course, some people would like a more structured environment, which is why we also encourage a specific pace. Our experience has shown us that our pace is the best for retention and speedy learning.

Learn with the same tools you'll actually use
Wouldn't it be nice to learn how to build effective web sites on the same machine you'll use when you're doing the actual construction? Sure it would!

Tax Deductible
Even if your main occupation is not web related, we'll show you how to set up a side business so you can deduct all of your computer related expenses, including your equipment, software, internet expenses, medical expenses, mileage on your car, and even a portion of your rent or mortgage! Everyone should have a second business. The tax benefits are great. Here's a nice article about how a second business is tax helpful.


Learn about our Web Design Training Support Options

Some students like the security of knowing that there's an instructor they can ask questions. That's why the Academy of Web Design Course offers unlimited email support after your purchase.

Thus, you are allowed to get the best of both worlds: The flexibility and cost effectiveness of home based education, coupled with the personal attention of classroom based web design course.



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