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How is the Academy's web design course different from other home based courses?

We feel that we offer something very special here, and we'd like to brag about it a bit, if we may…


You can't learn web design by just reading.

Our video web design course shows you the actual process of building, creating, designing, and researching. As you watch and follow along, you'll listen to a naturally gifted instructor explaining things in simple, easy to understand (but not dumbed down) manner. Of course, written material is nice to have on hand, too, which is why we offer all of our courseware online and in printable format—over 700 pages worth!

Our web design course instructor is one of the best there is.

This matters more than you might think. Although web design is not particle physics, it can be challenging. David Lieberman teaches his web design course with joy, passion, and the absolute desire to explain things in the most clear and concise manner possible. His joy comes from the ability to change lives , and you can't do that without putting tons of thought into the best way of doing things. For example, he developed a unique research method called Emotive Design that allows people without artistic skills to make beautiful and effective web sites, right from the start. For example, Jeff Ziskin, who would never claim to be a visual artist, developed this site soon after finishing the program, by following the emotive design research method. Click here to learn more about David Lieberman.

All we do is web design training.

You'd be surprised, but even schools that say they specialize in web design will also teach you office or print design programs. We feel that by only offering our web design course, we can ensure in-depth web design course where all your questions can be answered.

Our Web Design Course is FUN!

Web design is fun stuff. Learning it should be fun, too. We take care to inject a good portion of enjoyment into our web design course, so you can look forward to learning.

We are the ONLY dedicated web design training course that also teaches:

The psychology behind building easy to use interfaces, and tools that allow you to de-construct professional sites.

Employment issues, like: where to easily find and how to approach clients, how much to charge, and how to guide initial meetings into signed high-paying contracts.

Search technology. You can build the most beautiful site in the world, but if no one can find it, what good does it do? We teach you to build pages that rank high with search engines so your sites won't be left languishing at the bottom of Yahoo.

Project Management. Web sites are huge projects. If you don't know how to step-by-step your way through the building process you'll waste time, energy, and may become totally overwhelmed!

We embrace design programs, technical Internet understanding, database integration issues, Internet commerce, and much, much more. Our goal isn't just to teach you how to build web sites; we'll also prepare you to run your own successful web business!

Our extra dedication to your success is one of the standout things about the Academy of Web Design course. Our web design school is designed by professional teachers with one thing in mind. We want to do it right!


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