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All Web Design Schools are not the Same

The most important part of any web design course is the teacher. We've all had bad instructors, and none of us wants another one. The Academy of Web Design course is exclusively taught by David Lieberman, founder of the Academy of Web Design.

David's Graphic Design School Past

Before opening the Academy of Web Design, David was the top ranked teacher by two major San Francisco computer schools. He is experienced and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of web design.

What Makes a Good Graphics Instructor?

When teaching the web design course, David uses a special self-developed technique that he's found to be very effective; he remembers what it was like when he first learned the information. He is patient, and takes special pains to explain subject matter in clear and concise ways. Beginners find him engaging and are surprised at how easy he can make difficult material. Experienced people who are looking to build new skills in Dave's web design course are never bored.

Teachers often forget that knowledge they have is not as simple as it now seems. This is something David never wants to do. He believes that to effectively use skills, you must first understand why the skill is necessary. What goal will you accomplish? Then you should understand the intellectual concepts behind the technique—you should understand what you're doing and how it works before you actually do it. Then, with a strong understanding of the need and technical workings, the actual task is easy to absorb.

David's Philosphy of Teaching Web Design

David Lieberman believes that anyone can learn anything if they're taught correctly. He breaks every subject down to its base levels and builds up. If you ever really tried to learn something, and failed, the responsibility lies with the teacher.

David is one of those people who likes to have fun with everything he does. He truly enjoys teaching, and has fun while doing so. Fun in means fun out. You'll enjoy yourself too.

Why David's History Benifits You

Teaching comes naturally to David. His mother, also a career teacher, claims it's hereditary, and she may be right.

Design, however, did not come naturally to David. At first, his design was, well, bad. He had to learn how to create great designs. This is great for you, the student, because David can pass that knowledge on to you, regardless of your current skill level. Here are some of the designs David created after he learned the same things he'll teach you:

That Takes the Cake - Cupcake Bakery
EJ Gillett - Custom Furniture Designs
Charming Gardener - Custom Letterpress Creations


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