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These are some of the nice things that our students have had to say about the Academy web design course. We have more if you'd like to see them. Just ask!

"I've taken similar web design courses before, and none have been anywhere near your level of excellence. The Academy is one of the most worthwhile things I've done and one of the best investments I've ever made."
-Nadia Green

"The Academy of Web Design web design course taught me not just how to design a web site, but how to create an attractive and effective design. The instructor was always available to help answer my questions and show me how to do things. I got my first web design contract in the last two weeks of the web design course and have been a non-stop web designer ever since. The time and money I invested to learn web development was well worth it. Thank you for giving me effective web design course."
-Janet Bran

"The web design course isn't just fun, it's exciting"
-Rod Brown

"Before talking the Academy of Web Design course, I didn't know the first thing about web design. Today, I build web sites professionally. David Lieberman's knowledge, experience, and love for all things web design, were truly motivating and inspiring. David's web design courses were always exciting, never dull!"
-Jeff Ziskin

"I was very impressed with how easy they made difficult material. The pace was perfect. It kept me on my toes without being overwhelming. David Lieberman is truly a gifted teacher."
-Robert Montgomery

"I'm really busy with clients these days and have you to thank for it!"
Kristin Herrera,

"I didn't necessarily want to learn to become a professional web designer. I just wanted to expand my pre-existing business. For much less than I would have paid to hire someone, I took the web design course and learned the skills myself, including Internet marketing and search engine ranking. Now, my site is much more professional and I get ten times the traffic I used to get. My business has shot up, and I owe it all to the Academy of Web Design Course "
-Cynthia Bossco



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