More about what make the Academy special

In today's market, it's important to know more than just how to operate programs. To be successful, you'll also need to know all the little things that other schools leave out. We cover many other issues, like:

  • employment: where to find and how to approach clients, how much to charge, what contracts to use, and how to guide initial meetings into signed high-paying contracts.
  • search technology: teaching you to build pages that rank high with search engines so your sites won't be left languishing at the bottom of Google.
  • the psychology behind building easy to use interfaces, and how to glean design secrets by de-constructing professional sites.
  • project management: building a web site can be a big project. We'll teach you how to manage it effectively.
  • look and feel strategies: a beautiful web site doesn't help its owner if it's wrong for its users.
  • We embrace design programs, technical Internet understanding, database integration issues, Internet commerce, and much, much more.

Our goal isn't just to teach you how to build web sites; we'll prepare you to run your own successful web business! Our extra dedication to your success is one of the standout things about the Academy of Web Design, SF.

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