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The Academy of Web Design's Sound and Music for the Internet web design course provides you with a well-rounded musical and sound effects education for the web.

Sound creation and editing is really enjoyable, and easier than you think. We'll show you how to record sound effects and how to create and edit music using Sonic Foundry's popular and inexpensive programs, Acid and Sound Forge.

Did you know that you can have talking web pages that download just fine over a 56K modem? We'll teach you how to compress your music and sound effects. You'll prepare them for site placement and streaming using a free MP3 encoder and Real Audio's free Real Producer. You'll learn how to insert music and sound effects into your web pages, and all about basic musical theory, MP3's, WAV files, Internet radio, and copyright / licensing issues. The web is using more sound and music every day. Don't be left mute.

* Hardware requirements
* Using samples
* Legal issues
* Recording using Sound Forge
* Applying effects and sound editing in Sound Forge
* Musical composition with Acid (ahem, the program)
* Saving as WAV files
* Converting to MP3 files
* Converting to Real Audio
* Internet Radio
* Streaming music in real time

Warning: Sound programs can be addictive. David Lieberman, the founder of the Academy, spends way too much time playing with them. This is his most recent song.


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