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What are the chances that you'll immediately know how to design sites that not only look professional, but as professional as the best sites out there? When you first start out, how likely are you to design sites that satisfy specific emotional needs?

Without the Academy of Web Design web design course, your chances are pretty slim.

That's why our founder, David Lieberman, came up with a unique research method that allows beginning web designers to pinpoint users' desires, and to satisfy them through design.

Our exclusive Emotive Designtm research methodology web design course allows designers to build from the successes of the best sites on the web.

When Steven Spielberg came out of film school, he didn't have a whole new idea about how film should work. He built on past master's work, and that's what you'll do, too.

The Emotive Design research method web design course was originally developed to help people without artistic skill make beautiful and effective web sites. As the methodology grew, it became effective for artists of all levels.

Our custom research method web design course is one of the unique things about the Academy of Web Design. It's easy to follow, and it really works. When a site doesn't look professional, you can be sure they didn't take the Academy of Web Design Emotive Design research method web design course!


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