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This may be the most important web design training course taught by the Academy of Web Design. Our Internet Education web design course teaches you understanding of the Internet and the world wide web that every web designer needs. Far from being a "basic Internet" course, Internet Education covers the more sophisticated concepts, principles, and terms that are commonplace in the industry.

Do you know what a cookie is, and how it works? Do you know what a plugin actually is, how it works and which ones you need? How does Internet commerce work and what does 56K really mean? In the Academy of Web Design's Internet Education web design course, you'll learn these things and more. For example:

* A thorough description of how the web works
* Line speed 56k to DSL
* Mac vs. PC
* Operating Systems Windows 98 vs. Windows XP / OS X vs. OS 9
* Internet streaming instant information. It's important.
* Sound MP3's, wavs, and streams
* Web Servers
* Search engines: how they work, and tricks you can use to find what you're looking for
* Internet Commerce
* Security and credit cards
* Transactions over the web
* Viruses, Cookies, Plugins

...and more! It's a very interesting course!



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