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Learn HTML!


You need to learn HTML to be a web designer. HTML is the coding system that the World Wide Web is based on. Luckily for you, as far as computer languages go, it's pretty easy.

In the HTML web design course, you'll learn how to make web pages from scratch, but more importantly, you'll understand what's going on behind a web page and why web pages behave the way they do.

The HTML web design course will teach you about page building, graphics, and linking pages together. You'll learn about key web concepts like web safe colors and meta-tags. You'll also learn about Extensible Markup Language (XML)!

If you're going to be considered a professional web designer, you'll have to have a solid appreciation and understanding of HTML.

Aside from all that, HTML is fun! Anyone can learn HTML and you'll enjoy the excitement and satisfaction you'll receive when making web pages spring to life with your bare hands!


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