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Designed specifically for the web, Fireworks is a user friendly graphics program that combines the most useful aspects of a photo editing program, a drawing program, picture editor, and a HTML & java script generator. Fireworks' easy to use image optimization features will help you make sure that your web pages load quickly and look their best. Many difficult tasks, such as creating complex rollover images, animations, and awesome web graphics, can be made stress-free with this useful program. After your web design course, Fireworks will become an incredibly valuable addition to your web designer's toolset.

You'll use Fireworks to design the look and feel of your site!

Some of the topics covered in the Fireworks web design course:

* Layers and drawing tools
* Colors, fills, fades, and textures
* Optimize images for the web
* Animated GIF's
* Rollovers, buttons, and image maps
* Page design and image slicing
* Dreamweaver integration
* Special graphics effects


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