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The web is a new medium with it's own design rules and guidelines. How many links should you have on one web page? What colors are good to use? How does animation and sound affect my page and how can I avoid common HTML mistakes? You'll learn about interesting psychological studies that will affect the way you approach design issues unique to the web.

You'll also learn a unique scientific research method, developed by the Academy of Web Design. Our design research method was developed so that anyone who follows it can make beautiful and professional web sites (even if you have no artistic skill). We can't brag enough about this method. It really works!

Also in this course:

* Psychology of Web Design
* User Interface (Ease Of Web Site Use)
* Story Boarding Your WEB Site
* Design Research Method
* Site Page Layout
* Site Character
* Animation
* Do's and Don'ts
* Sound
* Style and Consistency
* Using Dreamweaver Templates
* Intro (Splash) Screens
* Page Weight (Speed Of Download)
* Sales Concepts For Internet Commerce


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