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Multifaceted web sites are often connected to huge repositories of information called databases. Internet commerce sites often keep information in a database. For example, they keep track of all of their products, who bought them, and how much money is being made. It's important to understand the principals behind a database so you can effectively design for one.

As a web designer, you won't be doing database programming, but you will be working with people who are. In the Database Integration web design course, we'll teach you how databases work and how you can deal with them in clear, easy, understandable terms. Web designers who are aware of how to utilize databases and what can be done with them are more marketable and have significantly more Internet career options available to them.

In the Database Integration web design course, we'll teach you how to find a database programmer when you need one, how to interview them, how much they should be paid, and how to effectively communicate with them to assure a smooth project.



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