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Know what the search engines think is a good web site.

Totally Awesome list of free Directories & Search Engines
Nielsen Tech has provided a really well done (and free) list of directories & Search Engines that you can submit to to increase your link popularity and visibility on the web.

Rank Write Newsletter
An "I can't believe it's free" weekly e-mail discussion by search engine optimization experts. Learn, learn, learn.

Search Engine Forums.
Ask questions, get 'em answered. Keep on top of things.

Search Engine Optimizer
Nifty program that does a great job of checking your pages for every little search detail.

Shows you what searches are popular and how much competition you have for a certain keyword phrase

Keyword Density
Tells you what % of your page is made up by a keyword phrase. Can also compare your site to the competition.

Our Recommended Search Engine Optimization Company
Search engine optimization by Nielsen Technical Services is some of the best "bang for the buck" search optimization you can get!



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